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What, you may wonder, are a-levels? What are the highlights of a-level courses? What is the classroom experience like?


Teensen has been adhering to the open, advanced teaching philosophy, in the spirit of "teaching for understanding, teaching for interest" teaching methods. In order to let more parents and students have a deeper understanding of the Teensen classroom system and experience tianxing classroom, we invited many parents and students to join Teensen classroom.


Today, I will take you to the campus Open Day on December 12...



The course of economics and business is conducted by foreign teacher Sergei and Shelly, who helps translate.Firstly, Sergei explained the concept of stakeholders to the students. Then, through the example of daxing airport, he asked the students to discuss and find out how many stakeholders were hidden behind the example, so as to summarize how many stakeholders the students should pay attention to. Then the students were divided into four groups for the presentation. Students actively participate in the activities, the argument is well founded, the classroom atmosphere was very active.


本次Jo老师的英语课的引入部分使用了与本次课程的相关话题的英文纪录片“The Identical Strangers”,有趣的内容和丰富的知识背景很好地与本次课程的内容结合在一起,使同学们能够在第一时间快速理解话题背景,从而与之后的课程内容衔接起来,以此,在进行此后的以听阅形式进行的段落信息填写的预测以及快速完成更加流畅。课堂上,同学们踊跃讨论话题,一步一步的跟着老师的思路走。

The Jo introduced part of The teacher's English class use The English documentary and The related topics of The course "The Identical Strangers", interesting content and rich knowledge background and The content of this course well together, enable The students to quickly understand The topic background in The first time, so as to link up and after The course content, thus, in The following paragraphs in listens to form information to fill in prediction and fast to complete more fluent. In class, students actively discuss topics, step by step to follow the teacher's ideas.



The theme of this time is growing pains. Through classroom simulation, practice and communication, students have learned to put themselves in others' shoes, not to use "cold violence" and "resistance policy", but to use a more friendly way to express their inner thoughts. During the practice of sitcoms in class, we can better understand the love and tolerance of our families.Students through listening, discussion, expression, from personal examples to understand the truth, summed up the method, master the appropriate way to get along, such a vocational regulation classroom is not very interesting?



The contents of teacher luo chang's mathematics open class are the important test points in P1 exam. It is a great challenge for students to deeply understand and apply these contents. Fortunately, this part is closely related to geometric images. As an introductory part of the class, luo asked students to draw an image of a cubic function on paper, and guided them step by step to find the special points on the image: maximum and minimum. Luo led the students into a wonderful and interesting world of mathematics, so that they could accept difficult knowledge points better and faster. It is obvious that luo's solid teaching skills play an important guiding role.


“撑着油纸伞,独自彷徨在悠长悠长又寂寥的雨巷,我希望逢着一个丁香一样的姑娘。”走进中国文化的课堂,感受现当代文学带来的魅力,老师的课堂语言妙趣横生,学生们思维开阔。课堂用一首吉他旋律的民谣歌曲开场,而后加上同学们饱含感情的朗读,使得所有人身临其境,深刻感受上个世纪文人的故事。孟子云:“颂其诗,读其书,不知其人可乎?是以论其世也。” 文字是文化自信的伟大基石,越是远行的学子,越要清楚自己民族文化的根基在哪。

"Holding an oil-paper umbrella, I wander along a long solitary lane in the rain alone. I hope to meet a girl like a lilac." Walk into the class of Chinese culture and feel the charm brought by modern and contemporary literature. The teacher's classroom language is full of wit and interest, and the students are open-minded.The class began with a folk song with guitar melody, and then the students read it with emotion, making everyone feel deeply the story of the literati in the last century. Mencius said: "to sing its poems, to read its books, do you know who it is? In the world." Writing is a great cornerstone of cultural self-confidence, the more students travel, the more they need to know the roots of their own national culture.



Wang min's chemistry class took us into the world of "molecules" -- molecular orbitals and hybridization. The learning content is micro and abstract, but in class, through the physical model of molecules, vivid animated videos and anthropomorphic metaphor, the abstract concept is embodied, arousing students' strong interest in learning. The most important thing is to develop students' spatial thinking and cultivate their chemical accomplishment of microstructure. At the end of the class, students will carry out brainstorming to review and summarize the content of the class, which can strengthen the consolidation and memory of knowledge points. It can be said that the class is full of harvest.



Mr. Wang yiwei's physics class has driven the rhythm and atmosphere of the whole class. His main teaching content is the comprehensive knowledge of mechanics and the balance of objects. Under the guidance of Mr. Wang, the students summarized the ultimate conditions of the obiect from the shallow to the deep: the resultant force is 0 to ensure that the object has no acceleration, and the torque is 0 to ensure that the object does not rotate. The students were happy with their conclusions and tested their conclusions by doing the questions actively.

天行一中一直以A(ambitious雄心壮志)、B(bold勇敢无畏)、 C(caring乐于助人)、 D(devoted奉献精神)、 E(erudite博学多识),“ABCDE”这五种素养为培养目标,培养优秀学生的前提是有一批优秀的教师团队。在此次校园开放日当中,天行一中向社会很好的表达了我们开放的办学态度,体现了优质办学的底气。与此同时,家长们对于此次开放日活动给予了高度的评价。

Teensen school has been to A(ambitious), B(bold), C(caring), D(devoted), E(erudite), "ABCDE" these five qualities for the training goal, the premise of cultivating outstanding students is A group of excellent teachers. During the campus Open Day, Teensen expressed our open attitude to the society and embodied the foundation of high-quality education. Meanwhile, parents spoke highly of the open house.


If you want to learn more about international education, welcome to the campus Open Day on December 29.

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